Developments to the Centre for Supervision and Team Development

As one of the leading training organisations for supervision across the helping professions, our reputation for excellence has grown steadily since our inception in 1979.  Our postgraduate trainings, both as open programmes and as bespoke courses are known in the UK and internationally.

We have published several leading books on supervision including the internationally bestselling Supervision in the Helping Professions Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet (1989); fourth edition in 2012., with contributions by Judy Ryde and Joan Wilmot.
Published by Open University Press/ McGraw-Hill.

This book, on which much of the material for our courses is based, explores the purposes, models and different forms of supervision in the helping and people professions.

The new organisations: CSTD BATH www.cstdbath.co.uk and CSTD LONDON www.cstdlondon.co.uk

There will now be a choice of trainings, although they have different names they both grow out of the previous organisation and continue to build on the CSTD reputation, experience and research. One will be called the Centre for Supervision and Team Development Bath which is seeking external accreditation for its training and another, which will be called the Centre for Supervision and Team Development London, will continue self, peer and tutor assessment processes for its students and will be independent of accrediting bodies. Thus together we are giving more choice to our participants and the organisations in which they work.  These trainings will now be managed by two separate organisations.